Affordable rolling shutter door fittings

If you’re looking for roller shutter door installations in Chelmsford, we can help. Ace Garage Doors Co. provides domestic customers in Chelmsford with a range of roller shutter doors, which offer insulation and security.


High-quality roller shutter doors
Installation and maintenance services

If your roller shutter door is showing signs of wear, is becoming harder to open or has suffered damage, we can carry out same-day and emergency roller shutter door repairs anywhere in Chelmsford and the surrounding areas. Our friendly and professional team replaces spindles with their own made-to-measure pieces and they can also repair automated boxes. Even if we didn’t carry out the original roller shutter door installation, Ace Garage Doors is able to work on existing mechanisms to return them to full working order. If you would like a regular maintenance programme, we can set up an annual visit and carry out a full inspection on roller shutter garage doors in Chelmsford and all surrounding areas.

We offer two kinds of roller shutter doors

Single-skin continuous curtain
steel doors

A single-skin steel roller shutter door is a basic door where insulation and noise are not such a priority. It will provide basic security and there’s plenty of room left above the lintel. We also install automated units for easier access.

Double-skinned aluminium insulated roller shutter doors

Double-skinned aluminium roller shutter garage doors are made from individual foam-filled slats and will roll into a tighter size. This will maximise your garage height. This type of roller shutter door will provide higher levels of security and insulation for your Chelmsford, Braintree or Essex property. These garage doors are usually electrically operated for easy use and are guaranteed to add value to any home.

Get in touch with us on 01245 264309 for all kinds of queries on our roller shutter door installations.